Dog owner struck by lightning

Devoted dog owner struck by lightning while trying to get dogs to safety

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On the evening of October 3, a dog owner was trying to get his dogs safely from a dog park in Spring, Texas, when the unthinkable happened – he was struck by a bolt of lightning. The tragic incident was captured on video and it shows Alexander Coreas falling to the ground, the subsequent efforts to save him from dying.

Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital posted the video on Friday, writing:

As you all know we had a Dog Park daddy leaving the park due to a storm rolling in. He was struck by lightning. The family has given me permission to share the video of the event as it unfolded. He is a giving man who has helped our employee when the car would not start, just the morning of the accident he found a stray and found a foster for it.

Thanks to a good Samaritan, trained in CPR, Coreas survived, even though his heart had stopped. In the fundraiser created to help cover medical bills, Coreas’ injuries are outlined:

A vet technician named Bill from Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital found him without a heartbeat. At this time he was found dead & immediately Bill started CPR.

Alexander was taken to the hospital on life flight to Memorial Herman. He sustained very serious injuries but by the grace of God he is alive. It is a miracle and a blessing that He is alive. Alexander is currently suffering from fractured ribs, fractured temporal bone (behind his right ear), swollen eye, bruising, and many muscle ruptures due to the lightening striking him.

The German shepherds who belong to Coreas are safe. The veterinary hospital writes:

The family wanted us to update you in his girls. We saw them today and they are a little stressed as you can understand. We have treated them and microchipped the ones that needed it. All of the cost of this is free for the family. We will add that amount to the start of Tuesday fundraising ( what it would have cost if it was paid for, so let the fundraising began by his dogs starting it)

Find the family’s fundraiser here.

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