Detectives rescued dogs tethered in the heat

Detectives found dog and puppy tethered in the heat

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A dog, and a puppy, are safe today thanks to two observant detectives in Danville, Virginia. The detectives were serving a search warrant on Monday when they noticed the dogs outside, tethered to trees in the yard, with no access to food, water, or shelter.

The City of Danville Police Department writes:

At the conclusion of a search warrant investigators noticed two dogs tethered behind a house. In this case enforcement action was necessary to save these animals.

Adding a word of warning to other pet owners:

As a reminder – it is unlawful to tether animals in heat over 85 degrees.

Lt. David Whitley, with the police department, stated:

“You really need to, to consider the environment and the conditions outside before you allow your animal outside and leave it outside, whether that be on a tether or in a fence. And food and water are a necessity. You got to take care of our animals like they’re our family.”

Thanks to the observant detectives, both dogs have been safely removed from their owner’s custody. Animal neglect charges may be forthcoming, reports WSLS News.

Please be vigilant in your own neighborhood – if you see dogs tethered outside in the heat, please reach out to your local animal control agency and/or the police department. Lives depend on it!

(Image via city of Danville Police Department Facebook page)

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2 replies
  1. Pennys dachshunds says:

    I for ONE HOPE the Word (WILL) instead of (MAY) is the CHOICE MADE by the JUDICAL POWER THAT BE!!!! Especially after the Officers of The Law WERE the Observant ONE”S that found these 2 dogs without a drop of food and water in the EXTREME HEAT!!! HOLY MOLY WHAT THE HELL GOES HERE!!!

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    So glad law enforcement is paying attention–STILL, ThERE MUST BE SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES FOR THIS TYPE OF NEGLECT!


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