Detection dog died after sniffing substance at prison

Detection dog died after sniffing substance
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An Alabama narcotics detection dog died after sniffing a substance inside of a prison in Elmore County. According to multiple sources, the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) K9 was inside of the Staton Correctional Facility on July 19 when he encountered a substance which made him ill.

In a press release, the ADOC stated:

After alerting on the substance, Jake lost his balance and became unresponsive. Registered nurses on staff with ADOC’s healthcare provider, Wexford Health Sources, Leanne Smith and Juanita Peavy, stabilized the K9’s condition by performing CPR and applying an IV in the prison courtyard. Smith remained with the K9 and continued CPR until he arrived to the Auburn clinic Thursday night.

The next afternoon, Jake passed away from complications resulting from the effect of the substance.

Governor Ivey commented on the untimely demise of Jake:

I was saddened to hear that one of the Corrections K9s, Jake, lost his life over the weekend. This K9 died in service to public safety and in service to the state. Jake is an example of the goodness, the loyalty and service that our four-legged friends provide. We certainly lost a loyal companion.”

According to the Montgomery Adviser, the substance was tested by a HazMat team who determined that it was synthetic marijuana.

A burial service for Jake will be held later this week with full honors.

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  1. Another TRAGIC loss of a hero police officer! I am sure Jake will still protect us from heaven with all his angel canine officer friends!


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