Desperately hungry puppy

‘Desperately hungry’ newborn puppy found abandoned in garbage bag

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A newborn puppy, just two weeks of age, was recently discovered by a good Samaritan and her dog. The puppy had been abandoned in a garbage bag which was left on the side of a road. The Wisconsin Humane Society recounted the woman’s find:

 The dog stopped for a sniff and the bag suddenly moved. She peeked inside and was shocked to find a 2-week-old puppy squirming around, all alone. As snow began to fall and temperatures dropped to the low 30s, the woman brought the pup home to warm him up and call the authorities.


He was desperately hungry and had a scrape on his nose, but had no obvious signs of trauma. Had he gone unnoticed on the roadside, the puppy never would have survived the frigid night at his age. Staff affectionately named him Buddy.

Buddy’s prognosis is guarded – but he is now in safe hands, no longer alone and in the cold without food, water or care.

Donations for Buddy’s ongoing care can be made at this link to the humane society.

Find the Wisconsin Humane Society on Facebook here.

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