Daisy: Beaten by her owner after giving birth to stillborn puppies

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Just cruel! Daisy was likely beaten by her owners and thrown out onto the streets of Tijuana after giving birth to stillborn puppies this week. What could a dog do that could warrant such egregious treatment? The Saving Huey Foundation saved her just in time.

According to the rescue organization located in Winchester, California, the dog was vaccinated, brought into the United States and immediately transported to an emergency veterinarian hospital where she was receiving an intravenous drip for pain control and needed hydration. Her initial examination revealed swelling around her eyes, the side of her face and possible tick disease infections.

“I carried Daisy from the car to the hospital. She is bloody and shaking, yet somehow found the courage to look up at me and give me a kiss,” Tracy Lystra, founder of the rescue posted on their social media page .” I promised her right there that I would do all in my power to heal her physically and emotionally.”

Daisy is anemic and has been diagnosed with demodex mange. The ticks had been “literally eating her alive.” She is currently being treated with Doxycycline, Ivermectin and Bravecto. Her injured eye seems functional, however her treating veterinarians will wait until the dog’s facial swelling subsides to make a complete evaluation. And even though her jaw is swollen, it was not fractured.

On Saturday, Daisy was released from the hospital, and is being cared for by Tracy at her home.

“I bought Daisy a pink stuffed animal to cuddle with, although she didn’t seem sure what to do with it,” Tracy added. Daisy is understandably scared, and seems rather sad. I can only imagine what is going through her mind.”

“… The more attention we can bring to the abuse that runs rampant not only Mexico, but all over the world, the closer we come to winning the war on animal abuse…”

Video of Daisy at her foster home:


More updates to follow. Get well soon Daisy.

To donate to Daisy’s recovery and long term treatment:

•PayPal – https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/savinghueyfoundation
•Donate Button at the top of our page (Facebook.com/savinghueyfoundation)
•Online – savinghuey.org
•Venmo – @savinghueyfoundation
•Mail – Saving Huey Foundation, 40565 Lake Riverside Dr. Aguanga, CA 92536
•Vet Direct – 951-600-9803 (Please mention Daisy and Saving Huey Foundation)

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  1. These Bastards Do Not Belong on the Planet !!! They are Probably Some Scum that want to come into this Country so they can have a few more animals and children to beat and starve while they are smoking dope and selling drugs on the side….

  2. Look at her condition – they did not take care of her when she was pregnant. And then they make her suffer for it? Savage brutal maggots that’s all they are.

  3. pos people all over this world. in the past few years people have gotten worse in their cruelty toward animals and each other.

  4. this is disgusting i just don,t understand why people can be so cruel people should be ashamed of themselves why would anyone like the idea of hurting animals its appalling punishment should be prison to make people pay for what they do


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