Dachshund with fireworks strapped to her back rescued on New Year’s Eve

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In Houston, Texas, rumors had been circulating about a small dachshund wandering in the neighborhood that had fireworks strapped to her back. The dog was too scared of humans and wouldn’t let anyone near her.

According to AbcNews, Laurie Bergeron and her husband, Clint had been celebrating at a club and as they went out into the parking lot, spotted the dog.

“She was in pain and she was fearful, and she was hurt, but she didn’t run from me,” Laurie stated. “She was scared of noises, and the duct tape used to hold the fireworks to her body had melted, and it had to be shaved away.”

The Good Samaritans were able to pick her up and took her home to address the severe wound on her back.  A few hours later she was taken to an animal emergency clinic. Dachshund Rescue of Houston agreed to help.

“This is Meg Rayburn. We were contacted to help Meg after she was found with fireworks taped to her back. As you can see, she suffered injuries from that horrible act of cruelty. She is safe now, in one of our loving foster homes. This is what we do. We help dogs like Meg who have no hope and give them a soft spot to rest their heads. We provide all the vetting and care they need to have the best chance at a new beginning.”

Meg wore no collar, had no tags nor was she microchipped. It is not known who could have been so cruel as to tape fireworks to this small dog and watch her writhe in pain and fear. She is indeed lucky to have survived such an egregious act of cruelty.

Meg is now recuperating in a foster home where she is slowly regaining her trust in humans.

If you’d like to help Meg or other dogs in our care, please visit us at www.droh.org. There is a donate button along with adoption applications.

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook for the latest animal related news.

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