Laboring dog abandoned in vacant lot

Cruelty investigation: Someone abandoned a laboring dog in a vacant lot

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A cruelty investigation in underway after someone abandoned a pregnant dog, who was actively in labor, in a vacant lot in Toledo, Ohio. Two days ago, the Toledo Area Humane Society released information about the disturbing animal cruelty case:

On Wednesday, July 24, 2019 the Toledo Area Humane Society received a call from a Good Samaritan regarding a pregnant dog giving birth in a vacant lot across the street from his home.

The good Samaritan stated that a four-door maroon colored sedan drove up to the vacant property, located on Walnut Street Toledo, Ohio 43608, around 11 a.m. and the individuals removed something from their vehicle into the lot and drove away.

That “something” was a laboring mother dog and two puppies. The dog was taken in by the animal welfare agency which described the exceptionally cruel situation:

After arriving at TAHS, an x-ray revealed that there was a puppy stuck in her birth canal. Ultimately, a C-section was preformed to remove the remaining puppies. In all five puppies were found to be deceased and two puppies survived the C-section. Based on the condition of the puppies found with their mother, we believe that they were born a day earlier on July 23rd. Our veterinarian estimates that the mother dog was actively giving birth for 24 hours before she was dumped. She would have been in excruciating pain during the entire ordeal.

Information is being sought in this case – the agency stated:

All of the deaths were preventable had the owner(s) of the dog sought proper medical treatment. The Toledo Area Humane Society is asking anyone that has any information regarding this case to please contact the TAHS cruelty department, at 419-891-9777 or by filing a report online at this link.
All information received will remain confidential.

The Humane Society has released information about the mother dog and her surviving babies:

Everyone is healthy! 🙂 Mom and babies are eating. Mom is still on IV fluids, but she went outside this morning to go to the bathroom. They will be moved to a foster home in the next few days.

(Images via Toledo Area Humane Society Facebook page)

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