video of teen riding deer leads to an arrest

Cruel teen arrested after video posted to social media showing him riding a deer

A cruel teen found himself under arrest after the authorities viewed a video showing him riding a trapped mule deer. The troubling incident happened in Oregon and the video made its way to the Oregon State Police (OSP) Fish & Wildlife, reports KGW News.

Officials were able to identify 18-year-old Jacob Belcher as the teen who was videotaped on the back of a distraught mule deer trapped inside of fencing. A news release recounts the animal’s extreme distress, “Throughout the video, the mule deer buck can be heard grunting and/or bleating,” the news release stated, “and after escaping the rider, the buck jumped into a linked fence, multiple times, attempting to escape the enclosure.”

Eventually the deer escaped but his condition is unknown. Belcher is facing charges of wildlife harassment and second-degree animal abuse. He was booked into the Harney County Jail. A second suspect, who allegedly filmed the cruel riding escapade, has been identified and interviewed – that individual may face charges of aiding in a wildlife offense.

(screenshot via KGW News)

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  1. Sherry says:

    What the hell is wrong with these kids??? 1st kicking a deer that’s down n tearing off the antlers now this…smh. No respect for a living creature…God help us all…


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