Police slow to respond to report of dog beating

Criticism follows slow police response to report of man beating dog with pipe

There is growing outrage over slow police response to reports that someone in New Bedford, Massachusetts, was beating a dog with a pipe. A video of the beating has been circulating on social media and it is difficult to watch…more so, difficult to listen to as the dog can be heard screaming in pain and terror.

An area animal rescue writes of its disgust over the apparent lack of care displayed by the authorities:

I didn’t want to post this video but need to for an answer on why it took City of New Bedford Police Department (Official) 3 hours to respond to this.

If this was a baby being smashed with a pipe is that ok Chief Cordeiro?

I walked into downtown police station and filed the report at 1:50 pm and provided them the video.

Chiefs office tells me at 3 pm an officer is on the way. Never happened.

A cruiser shows up at 4:07 pm and just drives away. If this was your dog would you just drive away Officer?

I provided this police dept clear evidence of a felony and because it was just a dog they DID NOT CARE .

They finally arrived at 5:07 pm 😡😡😡

New Bedford Animal Control & the Police Dept should be ashamed of themselves!!!

According to WCVB News, neighbors say that they were forced to intervene on the dog’s behalf themselves because the police failed to arrive.

In a Facebook post, the police have responded to the incident, writing:

The New Bedford Police Department responded to an address in the City’s West End after reports of cruelty to a dog. Animal Control and Police took one adult dog and three puppies from the address and they are being sent to a Forensic Veterinarian for further evaluation. The dogs did not appear outwardly injured, but are being examined to be completely sure. This case is being furthered investigated by The New Bedford Police Department and New Bedford Animal Control.

(Screenshot via Facebook)

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