Crippled dog rescued from streets of South Carolina

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Every stray has a tale; if they could talk, the stories they could tell. These are stories of cruelty, abandonment, and suffering that would break our hearts.

Life was pretty tough for Shimmer, a small, white and black female dog that was roaming the streets for several days before being taken to the Pickens County Animal Shelter in South Carolina. When Shimmer arrived at the shelter, she had zero use of her back legs, had mange, massive ear infections and multiple flesh wounds from dragging her legs.

The shelter is government run and had no funds to give her the medical care she needed. That’s when a Good Samaritan, Natalie Mix stepped in to foster her. Natalie ran a private fundraiser to help defray the medical costs which had gone into the thousands and used a lot of her own money.  The vet treating Shimmer guessed she may have been hit by a car which caused the discs in her spine to become compressed.

Shimmer went through months of water therapy, vet visits and a lot of love.  Slowly, but surely, she was nursed back to health over the course of six months. But, one day, Natalie’s other female dog and Shimmer got into a fight.  Natalie contacted Pickens County Shelter to see if a rescue could step in to help with Shimmer.  All Dogs Need a Haven stepped in and took Shimmer into their rescue in Vermont.

She was with them for six months and developed some other medical issues. They found a mass which turned out to be cancer. The cancer was removed, but her stomach remained swollen, and she would need follow up appointments and continued care. Unfortunately, that discovery and the fact that she can only go to a home with no pets and no small children put the rescue in a difficult position. They were tapped out financially on medical care for Shimmer. They made the decision to euthanize her.

When Natalie heard of the plans to euthanize Shimmer, she immediately called her contact at Pickens County Animal Shelter. They contacted All Dogs Need a Haven to get them to sign Shimmer back over to them until another rescue could take her in as a sanctuary foster forever, meaning she cannot be adopted.

Since All Dogs Need a Haven was closing its doors, they signed Shimmer over to another rescue temporarily until a long-term rescue is found. Shimmer is extremely happy living in her current foster home. The foster has stepped up and is giving Shimmer her best option at life and keeping her as a sanctuary foster. Shimmer went to the vet recently for a check up on her stomach after the cancer removal. All seems well for her at the moment.

But Shimmer’s medical care has been very expensive and will continue to be. Natalie is still searching for a rescue that will take her in permanently as a sanctuary foster and help supplement the expenses. For now, the bills are paid through private fundraisers. A trainer/behaviorist has been contacted to come to Shimmer’s home to work with the family and help Shimmer get over some of her behavioral quirks.

She needs a follow up from her surgery where her mammary mass was removed. She also needs all the typical things other dogs require such as food, heartworm pills, annual vet care, and with her medical history probably a lot more.

Shimmer has truly had a difficult life.  She was the victim of over-breeding, abandonment, cancer, paralysis, fear and anxiety and was almost euthanized. That’s all behind her now. She has a new start on life thanks to Natalie Mix who wouldn’t give up on her and her sanctuary foster who cares for and loves her dearly.

Shimmer in water therapy

They say it takes a village to save a life. To be part of Shimmer’s village, please donate for her continued care and upkeep through her GoFundMe

or by sending donations directly to:

Milton Veterinary Hospital
2 Chrisemily Ln
Milton, VT  05468
United States

Please indicate for Shimmer’s account.

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  1. What an amazing, wonderful person Natalie Mix is to go through all she has to save Shimmer. I love a happy story like this!!!


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