Man killed family dog

Crazed man attacks family dog with knife, says ‘I did something bad’

A Milwaukee man launched an unexpected and violent attack on his family’s dog, Bingo, on November 26, leaving the dog with so much damage that Bingo died. As reported by Fox 6 News, 30-year-old Marshall Osmanski’s own father called the police to report that his son was “going crazy.”

Responding officers found “bloody footprints and dog paw prints covering the living room floor.” Osmanski’s father was tending to the dying dog, who sadly, had been his killer’s constant companion. The man told the police that his son was “talking crazy, acting paranoid, and making statements that didn’t make sense” before the deadly attack.

Osmanski had walked into a bedroom of the home and Bingo followed – shortly thereafter, his father heard loud, aggressive sounds from the room and then observed the bloodied dog fleeing the area. Osmanski later ran from the room yelling “What’d I do?” before exiting the house.

Osmanski crashed the car that he fled in and then ran from officers who eventually pulled him from a sewer drain. When questioned Osmanski admitted to taking several drugs on the day that he killed Bingo and told an investigator that “he is the only one that cares for Bingo” and “I did something bad.”

(Booking photo via Fox 6 News)

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