Coyote enters home through doggy door and attacked pets

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In Buena Park, a coyote entered a family’s home through a doggy door and attacked two dogs – killing a 10-year-old Maltipoo and severely injuring the other dog.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Scott Goodling came home from work on Friday night, after the coyote attacked his dogs in the kitchen. Blood was all over the floor. Sally, the Maltipoo was dead, and Murphy survived, although he needed stitches to close his wounds.

Surveillance video from Goodling’s neighbor showed a pack of coyotes outside of his home. Residents are being warned to take precautions. Although the animals are not an unusual sighting in the Southern California area, it is unprecedented for a coyote to actually enter a home.

Residents are urged to remove thick brush from their yards, install motion detector lighting and keep garbage and food scraps securely sealed when placed outside for trash removal.

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  1. This is a HORRIFIC TRAGEDY! In addition to the above advice, I would block doggy doors at night and/or when nobody is at home! The dogs can use potty pads during these times.

  2. When we leave our pets home alone, they should be secure in the house and doggy doors closed. You never know who or what can get through one of these doors and you have a tragedy like this. My sincere condolences to Scott Goodling for his loss.


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