Cop broke window to save puppy from hot car

Cop busted out window to save puppy from a hot car

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A pug puppy is alive today thanks to a cop who jumped into action after finding the pup in distress inside of a parked car in Corpus Christi. As reported by KRISTV News, the officer spotted a struggling puppy inside of a vehicle parked at the Water’s Edge Park on Saturday afternoon – the temperature at the time was nearly 100 degrees.

The officer called out for a company to open the car’s locks, but it was so hot that the decision was made to break out a window before the puppy suffered any further harm inside of the sweltering vehicle. The four-month-old puppy was pulled to safety and the owner was eventually found.

The puppy’s owner is facing a charge for abandoning and neglecting an animal.

Never leave a pet inside of a parked car on even a moderately warm day – cracked windows do little to nothing to help cool the car’s interior and your dog (or cat) can suffer irreparable harm in a short period of time. If you see a pet inside of a parked car, please reach out to the authorities for assistance and stay with the vehicle until help arrives.

(Stock image of pug via Pixabay)

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Protecting the little ones

Rock-a-bye baby

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    ANOTHER ONE WITH NO BRAINS AND NO HEART! Thank you, again, to the police hero rescuer! These days our police not only have to look for
    criminals–they also have to be on the lookout for imbeciles!


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