Confused tarantula rescued from Chicago park

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On a beautiful Spring day as families gathered in a Chicago park for some fun, visitors suddenly spotted a very large tarantula crawling along the wall.


[Not your normal everyday spider]

According to Fox News, the spider was was found in Chinatown’s Ping Tom Park. Good Samaritans contacted GoodVets Streeterville, who agreed to take the spider into their clinic.

“What a day! Today, a pink-toed tarantula was found crawling around a Chicago park. The spider, who we’ve named Blossom, was brought into our hospital to be checked out.”
“Our staff member, Michael, is trained in caring for exotic arachnids and invertebrates and will be fostering Blossom until she is placed in her forever home,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

Blossom is healthy and has been very friendly. More than likely, he had been raised as a pet. Whether he escaped from his home or was abandoned is unknown, but he is used to being handled. The spiders originate from the rain forests where temperatures average 80 degrees. Blossom may have been purchased at a pet store, and the owner no longer wanted to care for him.

The Pink Toe Tarantula’s venom is the equivalent of a bee sting, and it is only dangerous if you are allergic to the venom.

And as for the confusion with the pronoun usage of Blossom being a he or she, it was originally thought the spider was a girl and thus named Blossom. A veterinary assistant who is very familiar with tarantulas did discover later the arachnid really was a boy.

For anyone worrying that the tarantula bite is fatal, the Pink Toe’s venom is equivalent to that of a bee sting – unless one is allergic to the venom.

“Blossom is still under observation at this time. We will be compiling inquiries and reach out to prospective adopters in the next few weeks!”

Contact GoodVets Streeterville for more adoption information.

We even have heroes for our eight legged friends. Many thanks to everyone who helped Blossom.

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