Completely defeated, Calloway needs a miracle rescue friend

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At Devore Animal Shelter in San Bernardino, California, Calloway appears completely defeated. In his kennel cage he barely moves; his head down and seemingly ready to accept his sad fate. He has been on the euthanasia list since May 30, but can be put to sleep at anytime. He needs a miracle to save him.

This handsome one-year-old Border Collie has been dealt a lousy paw of cards. He is listed as “rescue only.” Sadly, Calloway’s fear prompted him to act aggressively as the animal control officer tried to coax him into the truck when captured.

“Because of the rescue-only designation, this dog must exit in a hard-shelled crate with a 501(c)3 rescue. If rescue can save this dog, call the Devore supervisors and rescue coordinators at (909) 386-9820. 0, and ask for time to come get this dog.”

PetHarbor listing A716445

“I am a male, black and white Border Collie mix. The shelter staff think I am about 1 year and 1 month old. I have been at the shelter since May 24, 2019.”



Kelly Papp; [email protected]

Christopher Covington; [email protected]

Rescue coordinators:

[email protected]

[email protected]

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  1. What a handsome young man…… I am absolutely heartbroken that this precious treasure has had such a horrible experience…… if those ACO’s had treated him better…….it’s totally disgusting how violent some of them can be with strays……. and they then wonder why the dogs or cats act aggressively???

    This poor, terrified, precious treasure……. OMG: my instinct is to snuggle him and reassure him the world is “OK”…….

    I truly hope that a Southern California based rescue can help this precious treasure before he becomes a tragic statistic……


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