Chubbs: Throwaway puppy left to cry out in pain

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Chubbs is an 11-week-old Sharpei blend. He was a throwaway puppy, but was saved on Thursday from a Texas shelter by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

“Why would someone let him get to this point where he is bleeding, can barely open his eyes and his skin is on fire?,” posted Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue organization who answered a plea from the shelter for help with the ailing pup.

On Thursday, Chubbs was transferred to the organization’s veterinarian partner where he will be treated and given some relief from his excruciating pain.

“Our hearts are breaking for this poor puppy …” Stacey added.

Someone just turned a blind eye to the suffering of this puppy. We will be following his recovery, so stay tuned.

To help Chubbs, please click here.


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