Off duty cop saved boy's puppy

Child writes letter of gratitude after off-duty cop rescued his puppy from a well

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Days ago, an 11-year-old child wrote a letter of gratitude to the Nash County Sheriff’s Office after an off-duty cop stopped to rescue his puppy, Riley, from a deep well. The boy, Trey Snow, penned the letter to Sheriff Stone, and recounted how the deputy bravely stepped in to save his puppy from drowning in a 10-foot well.

The boy recounted how the deputy stopped to render assistance after seeing his panicked family:

My mom and dad were running towards my cries. Right after they made it over one of your off- duty deputies saw us in a panic and stopped to help. He said it’s not every day he sees a boy in pajamas running from his home and thought he should stop and help. His timing was nothing short of miraculous!


We could see Riley down in the hole with water up to her neck. She was on her hind legs and was jumping and clawing trying to get out. It was really cold down there. I could feel it. I can’t remember your deputy’s name, but Sheriff, he was so brave! He had my dad hold him by the feet and lower him down so he could pull her up.

After being pulled to safety, Riley was taken to an emergency veterinarian and treated for exhaustion, head trauma and infection. The veterinary staff calls her a “miracle puppy.” The boy acknowledged the deputy as being part of that miracle, writing, “I know that God sent your deputy to us at one of our greatest times of need.”

The boy offered a final compliment to the department:

Sheriff Stone your deputies are great people who are always helping out in our community and looking out for ways to protect and serve. I only wish I could remember your deputy’s name so my pup and I could personally thank him. Afterall, Riley wasn’t the only miracle that night in Nash County. Your deputy is a hero too!

The Sheriff’s office let the family know that the heroic deputy is B. Heath.

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