Chesney, we can’t catch a break

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After days of what seemed to be amazing progress with Chesney, we have hit a setback. Yesterday she was wanting to outside to pee more than often…I suspected that her urinary tract infection may have returned so I called the pharmacy for a refill of her antibiotics. The automated machine advised that they would be ready on Thursday afternoon.

This morning, there is blood in Chesney’s urine – and I am beside myself with worry. I gave her my own antibiotic (we were taking the same medication – her for UTI, me for an abscess above a failed root canal tooth) and will pick up her refill this afternoon. But, I’m still in freak out mode, so we are going back to the veterinarian this afternoon to make sure that it’s nothing worse than a bad UTI.

It seems that this poor dog can’t catch a break. First she goes from being active and mobile to utterly paralyzed in her hind in – now she is on her second UTI in less than a month.

Do you ever just wonder why things have to be so hard? Can’t progress be made without setbacks? Can’t life just be easy? Apparently not.

So, keep Chesney in your thoughts again – hopefully the urinary tract infection is all that she is dealing with (you know, aside from not really being able to use her legs), and nothing more serious.

Onward we go…hoping for better days.

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  1. lana northington says:

    Prayer for both of you. Remember you two are far greater than your circumstances. Believe. I’m believing in you both to overcome this setback and growing stronger from within.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Remember how much she loves you. There will always be setbacks in every healing process, but there will be progress too! The key is patience.

  3. Georgette says:

    I have a dog that will develop UTIs periodically. In addition to antibiotics, a vet also gave me a bottle of Cranandid. I have kept it on hand since then. It workd great ?
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