charges against attorney dropped

Charges dropped against attorney accused of having sex with a dog

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Charges against a Pittsburgh attorney, who allegedly had sex with a dog, have been dropped. According to the Tribune Review, the district attorney’s office dropped the cruelty to animals charges against 62-year-old Ivan Devoren, as part of a plea deal.

T. Brent McCune, Devoren’s defense attorney, has stated that the allegations of bestiality are completely untrue:

“Absolutely nothing happened with this animal that was sexual in any way.”

The allegations

Devoren found himself in the hot seat when a neighbor contacted the authorities to report hearing “suspicious sounds” coming from the attorney’s residence in January 2018.  Snoopy, the yellow Labrador retriever who was allegedly abused, was taken from the home and placed into foster care. The dog has since been surrendered and is living with a foster family.

The charges

Though the cruelty to animal charges were dropped, Devoren still faces charges for discharging a firearm, and disorderly conduct, as well as drug charges. Part of his plea deal prohibits him from being around pets or possessing a fire arm.

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  1. Cc says:

    I am literally ill after hearing animal abuse charges were dropped for this sick, sick “thing.” I can’t call him a man, and I certainly won’t insult animals by calling him an animal. I heard this on the news a few minutes ago and had a fit. How can we have any faith in the Pennsylvania justice system when they allow things like this?


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