Chained paralyzed puppy abandoned on his pink blanket has been rescued

A young dog, no more than skin over bones lightly coated with fur was rescued on Sunday morning from South Texas. He had been chained and left on a pink blanket to die.

Why chain a dog that can’t walk rescuers ask, but at this time there are no answers to the despicable case of animal neglect and abandonment. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC volunteered to help and the dog, now dubbed Justus, was immediately transported to an emergency veterinary hospital.

“Justus is paralyzed and has no use of his back legs at this time. X-rays show blunt force trauma to the spine. Was he BEATEN or kicked while chained?,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder Stacey Silverstein posted on the group’s social media page.

Preliminary veterinarian examinations describe Justus in extremely poor condition from neglect and abuse; the dog’s attending physician is surprised he is still alive. He has no fur, his eyes are filled with mucous and damaged, his skin has a raging infection, and he cannot walk on his own.

“We are so angry!,” Stacey continued in her post on Facebook. “The depravity of our human race is beyond comprehension.

Our plan for Justus, to give him every chance at survival, is to run a battery of testing on his spinal area to make sure he does not have some type of fungal infection, contributing to his inability to walk.”

As more information becomes available, updates will be added. In the meantime, Justus needs help. To help pay for his medical care, donations can be made by clicking here.


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