Chained and broken, Dallas animal rescue promises Justice a new life

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When volunteers at Dallas Dog RRR-Rescue.Rehab.Reform stared at the photo of a chained and broken dog, they promised that senior dog, they dubbed Justice, a new life. For his entire life, Justice lived his life chained and alone, but on Sunday he was taken into custody and is currently hospitalized.

” I am finally at a loss for words.  I have sat her trying to write this post,” the organization wrote earlier Tuesday afternoon on their Facebook page. “I have looked at the picture over and over, and I see this dog chained to a tree and in the background, I see the swing of a child. I wonder how many times did the children swing on the swing and stare at the dog, their so called family member that is wasting away in front of them?”

Tragically, Justice’s collar and chain weighed more than he did; his emaciated body rested on piles of his own feces, and a box in the rear of the house is what he called home. Although he had a blanket, there was no food or water.

“His owners claim there is more to his story…I am so tired of owner excuses and how they did everything or how sad it is is, how old they are or I did not know what to dog,” the post read.

And now Justice has been rescued. His condition is critical, but veterinarians are doing all that is possible to make him comfortable and to save his life.

If you would like to contribute to his care, you can donate at
Paypal [email protected]
Venmo @Dallas-DogRRR

We will fight for him we will be his voice! Dallas DOGRRR NATION will be his voice we will fight and we will be is HEROES! Please stand us and FIGHT!

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