Dog dropped off in a cereal box

Cereal box puppy has a new family

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A homeless puppy, taken in at a busy Riverside County Animal shelter earlier this month, garnered a great deal of attention because of the unique “carrier” that she arrived in. The puppy, dubbed Razz Berry, was dropped off in a Captain Crunch Berries Cereal box, prompting a comment from the animal shelter:

We have seen some creative pet carriers in our days. This @RealCapnCrunch cereal box has to be one of the oddest ways a pet came to us as an over-the-counter dropoff. We handled all its fleas and now hope an owner arrives.

The so-called “cereal box puppy” had nearly two dozen people who were interested in giving her a forever home, so the shelter staff came up with a lottery system to select her new family.

As reported by Fox News, the nine-week-old puppy was officially adopted on Saturday when the Sheets family drew the highest number in the adoption lottery.

Cereal box puppy

The shelter put together a video documenting Razz Berry’s adoption story on YouTube – enjoy below:

Enjoy your new life Razz Berry!

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