Dead horses found on abandoned property

Cause of death and person of interest identified following discovery of 21 dead horses

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Last Friday, 21 horses and one dead dog, were discovered inside of a corral on abandoned property in Wake County, North Carolina. As reported by ABC 11 News, the authorities have identified a person of interest and determined the cause of death for the animals. After testing was completed on four of the deceased horses, Wake County Animal Control determined that they had died from starvation.

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It has been determined that the woman who owned the property off of Fanny Brown Road is dead, but the authorities have identified an individual as a person of interest. The identity of that individual has not been publicly released.

When the horrific discovery was made last week, one survivor was found – a dog, in poor condition, was still clinging to life. That dog has been taken to the Wake County Animal Shelter for care.

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4 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Just what we all have nightmares about. Something happens to us and the person left in charge does something like this. The person needs to be identified and arrested! This is animal abuse at it’s worse!

  2. Adrienne says:

    This person of “interest” Must be charged with the most severe punishment possible for knowingly allowing these beautiful horses to die such a horrible,agonizing death. These poor animals depended on humans for food,water,shelter and received nothing but a death sentence. When the owner died, were the horses already left alone, or did this happen after she died? This other person knew the condition the horses were in and could have easily contacted horse rescue places that would have gladly taken these animals. No, this heartless,soulless creature took her easy way out and did nothing hoping she wouldn’t get caught. Well she did, and now she will be charged with crimes but no where near what should happen to her. She should be left alone in a cage with no food or water to see how these horses felt each day as death came closer and closer. With animals, the punishment must fit the crime, and an eye for eye, tooth for tooth punishment should be the norm for animal torture like this.

  3. Luana Duncan says:

    What a terrible story! Hopefully this person is punished 2 the fullest extent possible!! And the dog please keep us updated on him! Hopefully he survives!


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