Cat lost leg because fireworks were strapped to her body

Cat’s paw nearly blown off when someone strapped a firework to her

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A cat in Pennsylvania has lost an entire leg after someone strapped a firework to her body. The horribly cruel act is believed to have taken place on or near the Fourth of July. Two days ago, Humane Animal Rescue recounted what happened to the three-year-old cat, who has been dubbed “Pickles:”

This poor girl came to us over the weekend after being brought in by good Samaritans. Upon closer inspection, our team realized that firecrackers had been tied to her front left paw with rubber bands which, at that point, was severely infected and infested with maggots. Based on how the wound had begun healing, our vets estimated that the injury happened about a week earlier– right around the Fourth of July.

Jamie Wilson, Director of Medical Business, described the horrific injury:

There wasn’t really any paw left. What was still there was barely hanging on by the rubber bands. Her bone was exposed and she was severely dehydrated. I had to stop her from eating & drinking too quickly so she wouldn’t get sick.”

The veterinary team decided to amputate Pickles’ entire leg due to the severity of her injury. Thankfully, she is expected to recover. The cruelty case is under investigation.

When Pickles has recovered, she will be made available for adoption. Find adoptable pets on the animal rescue’s website here.

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