Man wanted in cat torture case

Cat, stolen and allegedly tortured, is back with owner

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Update 2/7/19 12:15 PST: According to CBS Iowa, the suspect has turned himself in to the police.

The feline at the center of a cat-napping case in Iowa is back home. According to CBS Iowa, the suspect’s family helped reunite Gladys with her owner, Spencer Kimm. The suspect, 30-year-old Chad Toney, is still wanted by the authorities in two counties.

The authorities in Benton County became involved in the case after Toney took photos and video of the cat being treated roughly and threatened. Toney implied that the stolen cat would soon be gone and a Benton County Sheriff’s Sergeant who viewed the footage remarked that it was “shocking and appalling.”

Gladys’ owner told the news agency that he believes Toney was trying to get his sister to talk to him – rather than helping with some sort of communication, the cat-napping incident led to widespread outrage. Kimm made a social media post about what was happening to his cat and it quickly reached viral status. Kimm ultimately removed the post after people started threatening the suspect and his family.

Gladys is safely home, but the authorities still want to find the man who allegedly took her. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Benton County Sheriff’s Office at 319-472-2337.

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  1. Darla G says:

    This happened in the county next to where I live. I heard on the noon news (2 hours ago( today, Feb 7, that the POS who tortured the cat turned himself in to authorities.


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