Cat likely injured intentionally with fireworks

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A cat recently suffered horrific injuries which are believed to be the result of intentionally set fireworks. The Lucky Day Animal Rescue, in Grand Blanc, Michigan, recounted how they were made aware of the injured cat:

This afternoon we were contacted by a wonderful fellow animal advocate about a cat that was seen with what was suspected to be severe trauma caused my firework damage to his face and back end. A person that takes care of a feral colony has been feeding this guy for sometime and recently noticed him with these injuries.

And described his injuries:

We have named him Braveheart & sadly his injuries are consistent with intentional fireworks. His whole mouth inside & outside is charred, there is most likely damage to his soft palate and his jaw in fractured in several places. His back end is pretty nasty and they are not sure if it is a combination of fecal scalding and/or intentional burns

Though saving Braveheart will be an expensive endeavor, the rescue group is determined to give him the chance, writing:

One look at those expressive eyes and we knew we had to go for it. He was in terrible pain but he was still head butting and purring. Saddest part is he probably willingly walked up to whomever did this terrible thing to him, most likely seeking affection.


We know this guy deserves a chance. He deserves a chance to know love and comfort and a chance for us to prove that not all humans are evil. He was so brave out there all alone & injured & he now has an army of people behind him.

Braveheart is currently at the MSU Animal Surgical Center. Donations are being collected on his behalf. The rescue agency’s PayPal: [email protected]

Or through the Facebook page here.


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Mother and pup reunited! So sweet.

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  1. Due to the increasing number of EVIL LUNATICS we must protect ALL animals TO THE MAX and SERiOUSLY work on banning fireworks and/or limit their use to controlled settings!


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