Can someone save my life today? Groucho Marx dreams of a home

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Groucho Marx is a one-year-old puppy who loves to play with his toys. Tragically, his playtime will come to a sudden halt on  Saturday afternoon; the New York Animal Care Center in Manhattan has scheduled the puppy for euthanasia.

While it takes time to win the shy dog’s heart, volunteers adore him.

 ” the payoff is worth every moment. Time, patience, and of course treats, are all it takes to win Groucho Marx’s trust, and once his trust is won he will show you his loving, playful ways. Groucho’s favorite activities include running around with toys in his mouth, learning new skills (like sitting to wait for his toys to be thrown and laying down), and cuddling with his friends. The time it takes to get to know the real Groucho is time very well spent. You will be rewarded with the most loving friend you can find.”


Hello, my name is Groucho Marx
My animal id is #56678
I am a male tan dog at the
Manhattan Animal Care Center
The shelter thinks I am about 1 years old,
Came into the shelter as a stray Mar. 9, 2019
Groucho Marx is New Hope Partners only.

“Groucho Marx is at risk, New Hope only determination, for behavioral reasons. Groucho Marx has not acclimated well to the care center and has exhibited distance increasing behaviors. Groucho Marx has shown human directed fearful aggression such as hard barking and lunging at strangers. Groucho Marx would benefit from placement with a new hope rescue partner that can provide reward based behavior modification, and a gradual approach to help him slowly acclimate to new people and environments. Medically, Groucho Marx seems healthy.”

Additional details:

Observed behaviors have been described as “fearful, tense but allowed for full PE and entire body pet and kiss on the head.” He is very social, body is soft and seeks contact. He loves to play and frequently jumps up. He barks at first, but when he recognizes the person entering the room, he approaches with loose body.

Check out his video:

This is a healthy puppy, full of potential. And GROUCHO MARX has been proven to readily seek attention from handlers, is playful, affectionate, responsive, good with other dogs and listens to commands! The very day this video was posted showing him “opening up,” he was listed to be killed.

To save Groucho Marx,  please CLICK ON VIDEO AND POST THERE OR MESSAGE THE Must Love Dogs – Saving NYC Dogs FB pg – OR EMAIL US AT [email protected] – . Death row dogs are out of time!. Killing starts anytime after 12:00pm ON 3/16 – SATURDAY!!

More information available here. Time is running out. Please share this baby’s plight and save his life.

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook for the latest animal related news. 

Good buddies, enjoying a jog

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  1. Dead.
    NYC ACC doing what it does best..killing pets. Support no kill Companion Animal Protection Act to protect dogs, cats, and other adoptable pets from being killed.

    Not supported by HSUS, ASPCA, PETA, Best Friend who use dogs and cats to generate donations than after squeezing the last red cent out of them send them to kill shelters to be killed.

    NYC ACC does not have the funds to ventilate their shelters to prevent respiratory diseases, to send injured or ill dogs to the vet, to train pups out of the 22 million yearly budget, but they do have money for their administrative staff to be in a ritzy Park Ave office while their four legged victims live in crap.

    In a no kill CAPA shelter, Groucho Marx would have lived beyond his sad 12 months, he would have had a home.


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