Caged dogs left in flood zone

Caged dogs left near rising water in flood zone

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Who could be so cruel? Someone left two dogs, trapped inside of a wire cage, near rising water in a flood zone in Iowa. The shocking discovery was made by a conservation officer who was checking the water level near a road that was going to be shut down before a river flooded the area.

AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport turned to social media on Sunday morning about the disturbing situation:

A conservation officer went to check on the rising water near Puckerbrush Road preparing to close it down. It was expected to flood within the hour. It’s in the middle of nowhere.

The dogs have been rescued and are safe with the rescue agency – but answers about who is behind the cruel act are being sought. Anyone who has information is asked to call:  Amy Heinz at 515-333-9040.

Find the rescue group on Facebook at this link.

(Image of dogs in cage via Facebook)

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  1. Pennysdachshunds says:

    Now THIS is BEYOND EVIL!!! This ( less than HUMAN WASTE) Needs to be tied hands and feet and placed closer to the water!!! with NO REGRETS!!!


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