bullfighter injured after being gored in the groin

Bull pierces bullfighter’s groin, inflicting serious injury

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Few animal lovers will shed a tear over a severe injury a bullfighter suffered when a wounded bull gored him in the groin during a tournament in Madrid, Spain. As reported by Metro U.K. the 27-year-old matador, Gonzalo Caballero, had to be rushed from the fighting ring after the bull pierced his femoral vein.

The bull inflicted the wound after being stabbed in the neck with a sword by Caballero. The grievously wounded animal was able to fight back and injure the matador before succumbing to his own injuries.

Caballero had just returned to bullfighting after recovering from a previous “goring” injury. This time around his condition is considered to be “grave.” The bull never stood a chance – in fact, his ear was cut off by another matador and presented to Caballero in the hospital.

Sadly, these barbaric “fights” continue – a horrible, glorified tradition that most would love to see brought to an end.

(Screenshot via Metro UK/Rex Features)

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  1. Whitney says:

    GOOD I HOPE THE GUY GETS A severe infection in his groin and they have to cut his dick&balls and cram them down his throat and then bastard set them a fire!


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