Bull gored fighter in the crotch

Bull gores fighter in the crotch before being killed

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Earlier this week, a bull, being ruthlessly tortured at a spectator event in Spain, managed to get in a painful dig to his torturer’s crotch before being killed. As reported by TMZ,  matador Paco Urena took a horn to the groin at the Vista Alegre bullfighting arena.

While animal lovers would hope to see the matador hurt badly enough for the cruel, and rather lopsided “fight” to end, Urena apparently was able to finish killing his four-legged opponent based on a photo showing him proudly holding up the animal’s ears after the fight.

Nearly everyone who took the time to comment on the TMZ article expressed disgust for the sport, and little to no sympathy for the man who took a horn to his manhood.

One person wrote:

Got what he deserved! I always root for the bulls!!


This brings me so much joy.


this animal torture is absolutely disgusting.

It’s hard to believe that people actually enjoy going to these brutal, blood-filled “events.” Dog fighting is illegal, but apparently it is A-okay to watch a person slowly torture and kill an animal in front of a crowd for fun.

(Screenshot via TMZ)

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2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I absolutely hate bull fights. So unfair for the animals…….

    In our “modern enlightened” times, I cannot understand how and why these cruel events still happen……

    No sympathy for the matador. He knew the risks of bullfighting….. He had a choice as to whether to enter the fighting ring, the bull had NO choice……


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