Broken, filthy, hopeless puppy found needs emergency foster home

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On Saturday morning, life couldn’t be more desperate for a broken and filthy puppy found barely existing near a car shop in Houston.

“Heartbreaking! She needs somewhere for this pup to go…now. She needs a foster,” an animal rescuer posted on her social media page.”

The puppy turned up at a busy auto repair shot a few days ago. Alone and frightened, but hungry and helpless, she had nowhere to go nor anyone to help her.

“In these situations, we only have 2 choices – do nothing or do something,” wrote co-founder and rescue coordinator, Katie Wing at Houston K-911 Rescue. “We want to do something and save his life or spare him from going any further down this path he’s on, where he’s so filthy and itchy and exhausted like this and also hanging around a busy autoshop with no car or traffic sense.

I’d love to make this happen quickly this morning for this one.
It just takes one person to make all the difference in his life here.

Houston K-911 Rescue

The puppy needs to find a safe place to rest and be taken to a veterinarian hospital for medical attention and relief. A foster home is needed immediately. All vetting and expenses or necessary supplies are covered for fosters by the rescue.

Are you out there to help? Please contact

Share this little guy’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Be the voice for those who cannot speak and need us so badly.

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