Breeder dragged puppy to be euth’ed because of her medical needs

In a Kansas neighborhood, the breeder of huskies brought an eight-month-old puppy to a veterinarian to be euthanized because an operation to correct the puppy’s birth defect would have cost too much money. The pup has been named DripDrop; her name humorously reflecting her serious condition.

“When we took the darling girl in, it was clear that something was wrong but we weren’t sure what. She was constantly leaking urine and getting UTI’s and because of that she ran the risk of being euthanized and we just couldn’t let this sweet girl die,” posted Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption, the organization committed to saving this puppy’s life.

After a thorough evaluation, it has been determined DripDrop has an ectopic ureter – an abnormality involving the tubular tissue connecting her kidney to her urinary bladder; urine does not enter into the urinary bladder correctly. This has caused the puppy extreme discomfort.

“If you met her it would just break your heart because she is so sweet, innocent and doesn’t understand what’s wrong with her, trying to live life like a normal puppy but can’t stop leaking urine 24/7. She loves her foster siblings and loves to cuddle but doesn’t understand why she can’t get up on the furniture like the other dogs without wearing an uncomfortable diaper or why it hurts when she urinates because of chronic infections.”

After a CT scan and endoscopy, it has been determined that surgery can repair the problem, however the cost for DripDrop to live a normal, healthy and happy life is estimated to cost $6,000.

“Sadly in her case, we are unable to get her that surgery without the funds raised first,” the rescue posted on Thursday. “On a basic level it’s so hard for us to comprehend how there are people in the world that think these animals are so expendable, like trash when the profit they are trying to make off of their lives no longer becomes of value to them…”


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