Horses at rescue buried after bomb cyclone

Bomb cyclone buries rescue group’s horses

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A Colorado horse rescue is struggling to recover after the so-called “Bomb Cyclone” whipped through the area, dumping an extraordinary amount of snow and burying horses alive. Though the rescue agency worked tirelessly to prepare for the once in a lifetime storm, Mother Nature proved to be more than anyone could have bargained for.

On Thursday, a public social media post was made on behalf of the rescue group – multiple images of the devastating blizzard were included along with the plea for help:

These are clients and great friends of ours w CHRN (Colorado Horse Rescue Network) who are dealing with the devastation of the Colorado Plains blizzard this week ….. they’ve been working around the clock to dig animals out of the snow and to basically stay alive themselves …. not even a barn helps during a storm like this, as you can clearly see.

According to the post, animals were trapped inside of shelters, as well as outside, because of the snow drifts. She wrote:

I would imagine the horses who survive will need plenty of medical attention …. I can’t even imagine going through something like this!!!! These people are the best ….. simply unbelievable!!!!!

She added:

Please share!

Horses buried in snow

Donations for the rescue group can be made directly to their website at this link.

Of note: The following explanation has been provided about the horse (Bernadette) who can be seen buried neck-high in the snow drift:

Yesterday at 4 p.m. Bernadette was cozy in her stall while the storm raged with 97 mph+ gusts, sustained at 85 mph winds. At 6:30 pm she had gotten through her sliding door, and attempted to climb a drift already 7 ft deep. She was buried.

It took over three hours of grueling (and dangerous) work to dig Bernadette out, but she was rescued and is safe.

(Images via Facebook)

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