Bodies of 2 cats and a dog found after Boeing 737 crash in Jacksonville

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In Jacksonville, Florida, the bodies of two cats and a dog belonging to a military family were recovered on Sunday evening after the Boeing 737 jet skidded off the runway and went into the St. Johns River.

“Those who were involved in this sad tasking performed the recovery in the most dignified way possible with the base veterinarian on site to ensure all protocols were followed,” the Facebook post stated. “The animals will be cremated through a local company. Every possible avenue to rescue these animals was pursued following the incident. One animal that traveled in the cabin was safely removed by its owner.”

The plane with 142 people aboard crashed into the river on Friday night; it had left Guantanamo Bay heading to Jacksonville. After the people had been removed safely from the aircraft, first responders went to the cargo hold of the plane where pets had been transported, but were unable to hear any noises nor were they able to see any pet carriers above the water.

Rest in peace innocent pets.

Read about the accident here.

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