Blind border collie and his best friend left tied in the woods

A blind border collie and his best friend were found tied up in the woods in England’s northwestern county of Cumbria. Nine-year-old pups named Bessie and Roy are looking for a new home.

It is believed the two dogs had been working collies on a farm and were abandoned when their owner could no longer care for them. Still no excuse for abandoning any animal! The dogs are absolutely bonded – “besties” and need to be rehomed together. Roy is blind in one eye and can barely see out of his other; he depends on his friend Bess to be his guide dog.

The pair are available for adoption under the RSPCA Westmorland elderly animal rehoming plan which means anyone who adopts the dogs will receive ongoing financial help with all veterinarian bills.

Roy and Bess are both very friendly, but it is obvious they have never lived inside a home. They are not house-trained, but border collies are extremely smart and learn quickly.

“Bess and Roy are VERY special indeed! They were brought to us by one of our Inspectors who discovered them tied up in woodland (we believe their owner had fallen on hard times). They are lovely, happy dogs and don’t ask for much; they really don’t need 5-star accommodation. All they want is to be looked after together as they grow older. Some food, a walk and somewhere sheltered to sleep and they would be very content indeed. Please get in touch if you can help Bess and Roy.”

For more information about the two, please click here.

Check out their video:

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