Emaciated, blind senior dog tied to fence

Betrayed – emaciated, blind senior dog tied to fence and left to die, R.I.P

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An elderly dog suffered the worst type of betrayal from his owner – in his time of greatest need, the blind and emaciated senior dog was tied to a fence in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and left to die. The dog, estimated to be 14 years of age, was taken under the wing of Red Leash Rescue and he was provided with love and comfort in his last moments.

The dog, dubbed Bear, was initially taken in by Bridgeport Animal Control – but he was in such poor condition that the agency reached out to the rescue organization to see if they could help. Red Leash Rescue agreed to give the ailing old boy the comfort he needed until he passed.

One of the rescue group’s volunteers dropped everything on Father’s Day weekend to bring Bear to his home – there, the abandoned dog was provided with love, comfort and compassion. He passed during the night, with the dignity that he deserved.

Now the animal control agency hopes to find the person who callously left him to die – in a Facebook post, the animal welfare agency wrote:

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Do you know this dog? Do you know who his owners were who left him to die tied up? If you have any information please contact 203-576-7727! If you ever have any information on cruelty, abuse, neglect, etc. please contact us to help us take care of the animals.

Please take a moment this Father’s Day to remember an old dog who left the world yesterday and deserves to be known❤️

Posted by Red Leash Rescue on Sunday, June 16, 2019

Rest in peace Bear.

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2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Pure Evil……. I think the POS who abandoned this precious treasure is absolutely disgusting and headed to a reserved spot in Hell where s/he will burn forever for her/his cruelty…..

    That poor furbaby…… Absolutely disgusting……. How can someone do this and still like what they see in the mirror looking back at them???

    OMG, this poor, terrified, precious treasure……. How can anyone be so cruel to a loving family member when they are most in need of love and support??? Precious Bear, your life mattered, I am very sorry that you were failed so horribly by your humans……..

    RIP Bear…… so glad you were rescued and loved for your final hours…….
    Precious treasure, please look for MacKitty in Heaven….. you will be welcome to join his group of snuggle buddies…….


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