Betrayed 14-year-old cat: ‘No thanks I don’t want him anymore’

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A disturbing situation occurred at the Orange County Animal Services early Wednesday evening when a 14-year-old cat was surrendered to the shelter. A volunteer writes:

“This is exactly what is wrong in our community. Aztec is 14-years-old, he had the same owner his whole life and one day he walks into a shelter and says no thanks I don’t want him anymore.

What makes this story even worse is the shelter declined because he didn’t live in the county, but the man just placed Aztec’s carrier on the ground and walked away. Can you imagine living with an animal for 14 years and then throwing them away?!”

Aztec needs a rescue organization or someone willing to either foster or adopt him. This is a high-kill shelter, and sadly it is in the middle of kitten season.  Share his plight with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Animals are not disposable.

For more information about Aztec, contact the Orange County Animal Services at 2769 Conroy Road, Orlando, Florida. Call 407.836.3111.

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  1. That poor cat……. I feel so helpless being in Northern California……. If I were in Florida, that cat would have been with me, my cousin or my best friend ASAP…….

    I hope he can be saved. He looks so frightened…… my heart is breaking for him…..

    As for his former “so-called” family……. they will burn forever in Hell for their cruelty……..


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