Bear bites hunter’s companion in self defense after shot by woman

A bear tried to defend himself after a woman shot him with a rifle late last week in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The gun shot only wounded the animal, and as is alleged “hunting manners”, the couple waited an hour hoping the bear would have died from his injuries.

According to The Durango Herald, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife manager related the story about the incident. The woman, who had a hunting license shot the bear, but didn’t kill him. After waiting, the woman’s companion followed the bloody trail.

“The man stepped over a log, and the bear was laying there, still alive, and lunged and latched onto his hand. As he was trying to get away from the bear, it then bit his leg,” stated Matt Thorpe of the CPW.

The woman ran to her companion’s rescue and shot the bear dead. Because it was legal to hunt, the couple were able to keep the bear’s remains. The black bear was described as a three-year-old male weighing 125 pounds. Thorpe stated the bear did not attack the man; it was simply trying to protect himself after he was shot.

The man’s injuries were not serious.

And this is what happens when humans get to hunt. We can call it fair when the innocent animals can shoot back!

Rest in peace poor bear. We are sorry you had to suffer and didn’t get to live out your life in the forest.

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