Beagle with frostbitten legs and paws remains in critical condition

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A call came into the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue on Tuesday from a Good Samaritan describing a stray beagle lying on the ground outside in the frigid weather on Detroit’s east side. It was there where volunteers from the rescue organization found the dog with frostbite on his back legs and paws.

” This poor dog was just found in Detroit and his back legs and paws are completely frozen. He is receiving emergency care at Center Line Veterinary Hospital.”

According to the organization’s Facebook page,  the beagle, now named Olaf, remains in critical condition. Theresa Sumpter, director of the rescue, stated the next 10 to 15 hours were “very critical” as he remained bundled up in blankets and was being administered warm fluids and medication.

Olaf’s Wednesday morning update shows he did survive the night, however:

“This sweet boy is doing better this morning but is still unable to walk. He will be having some further testing to determine the extent of his injuries to help access what further medical care is needed. Thank you to everyone that has been praying and donating towards his care.”

Even though Olaf had a microchip, there is no registration history.

The organization is raising funds for Olaf’s medical care. To donate click here.

(Photos and videos via Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue)


Updates to follow.

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  2. OMG!!! after all the Notices of the SEVERE COLD & FREEZING CONDITIONS…. “THE COLD BLOODED MOTHERF**ER” that allowed this to happen should be warmed up and the brain purified with a warm ENEMA via a 38 >>> guaranteed to rectify the issues the Ass-H*le who allowed this POOR LITTLE DOG TO SUFFER a HORRIFIC INJURY LIKE THIS!!!

  3. Please keep us informed on this poor baby! How anyone can do this to an innocent being is beyond imagination. All the warnings have been issued. Obviously, the owner did not care. Keep fighting Olaf!!


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