Bad kitty: Black cat interrupted Giants losing to Cowboys football game

When a black cat ran onto the MetLife Stadium field on Monday night, she unknowingly caused quite a commotion without letting out a single meow. The feline situation caused a two-minute delay during the Giants’ 37-18 loss to the Cowboys.

The cat was first spotted on the far end of the field near the end of the second quarter with quarterback Daniel Jones in between plays. The cat left the field in the opposite end zone as officials coaxed her off the field. She then ran away and disappeared under one of the bleacher sections.

Security personnel at the stadium confirmed there are stray cats that live under the stadium areas and are being fed. The cats are being trapped and there is no indication there is a stray cat problem.

MetLife Stadium tweeted about the now famous kitty:

Let’s not get into black cat superstition rumors. Let’s concentrate on the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) endeavors which continues to reduce the number of unwanted cats by catching them, neutering or spaying them and then freeing them again to the only way they know how to live. These cats are returned to their familiar environments and hopefully are cared for by volunteers who provide food, shelter and veterinary care.

Most experts agree that feral cats can not be tamed; they are wild animals and tend to hide during the day. Kittens under the age of eight-weeks, however can often be socialized and become excellent pets.

Worth remembering:

Don’t add to the problem. Spay and neuter and keep your pets inside

Don’t feed and forget feral cats. They need health care as well. At the very least, have the cat neutered or spayed.

Donate to the nearest shelter and inquire about TNR programs.

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