Baby raccoon euthanized after rat trap got stuck on his paw

Baby raccoon euthanized after getting stuck in rat trap
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A baby raccoon, who had the misfortune of stepping into a rat trap, had to be euthanized in British Columbia. As reported by Oak Bay News, the raccoon kit was in severe pain by the time that he was found. The baby had been dragging the trap on his injured paw for a week, as he followed its mother around, before being found and taken in at BC SPCA Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre for care.

According to the rehabilitation center, the baby suffered broken bones, severed nerves and had an infection by the time that he was found. Tara Thom, the wildlife agency’s assistant manager, tells the news agency why the decision was made to put the baby out of its misery:

There was the potential for disease and he was in severe pain. It was in his best interest, he would not have survived.”

Wildlife experts have advised that people who want to protect animals from harm should put snap traps into an area that wildlife can not access, such as a secure bait box. Wildlife experts also advise against the use of glue traps, which can capture many other animals than what the user intends – death by glue traps is slow and agonizing.

Rest in peace little one.

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