Baby giraffe! April gives birth to a bouncing spotted calf

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April the Giraffe, the world’s most famous long-necked new mom, gave birth to another bouncing baby spotted calf on Saturday afternoon.

According to the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, 17-year-old April gave birth to her fifth baby, and the joyous event was caught on YouTube live feed. Fans watched with big smiles on their faces as mom and baby bonded.

April made Internet fame in 2017, when the birth of Tajiri was captured on video. And since then, April’s fame has only risen. Less than a week ago, her video cam began posting on Facebook the “thick discharge, lots of tail raising, & obvious repositioning; all of that, according to April’s medical staff that going into labor was imminent.

Today’s birth was indeed a celebration. No doubt the mother’s actions caught the attention of more than 300,000 viewers on Facebook.

Giraffe Welcome 2019
March 16th 12:43 pm

Welcome to the world little one!

Early this morning, April’s behavior suggested a calf was on the way. Team members cleaned and prepared and then left the barn to give April her space.

Approximately 11:00 am, Jordan entered the barn to check April, who laid with her back end just out of camera view on both camera angles. Upon Jordan’s entry to the barn, April stood up and revealed that she had in fact been in labor and the calf’s hooves and first 8-10” of leg were emerging!

Labor alerts were quickly initiated, Veterinary and park staff called to the barn and we watched with over 300k other viewers!”

And then …

“Approximately 12:43 pm, our calf made its big “splash” into the world! Dr Tim quickly identified we had welcomed a baby boy!

Calf and mother bonded quickly.
Calf was on it’s feet around 1:27 pm
Nursing was observed 1:51 pm

Teams have since left the barn to allow mom and calf to continue their bond and build strength.

Tomorrow, a full exam of the calf will take place and provide weight and height.

Thank you for all of the support and cheers from around the world, as we welcomed our newest calf.”

Check out the video.

Welcome to the world little Jordan.

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