‘Awwww’: EMS rescue tiny Chihuahua needing oxygen

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The Guilford County EMS collected a plethora of “Awwww” comments on Thursday on both their Twitter account and Facebook. The adorable photo of the tiny Chihuahua receiving oxygen from a life saving mask just touched hearts; and for a change in a positive manner.

“After all of our human patients were tended to, our #paramedics were able to assist the #canine friend during a call last night,” the organization tweeted.

According to WfmyNews, firefighters had been called to assist with an odor investigation at a home and the dog needed oxygen. Pleasant Garden Fire Chief David Jones issued a statement that no humans or pets were hurt; the Chihuahua is expected to make a full recovery.

Many thanks to our unsung heroes who never get thanked enough for helping those who cannot speak for themselves.

(Photos of Chihuahua getting help via EMS courtesy Guilford County EMS)

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  1. What a wonderful way to start the day! A feel-good story for a change. Thank you to the fireman who saved this little baby no matter how tiny.


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