Australian teen accused of running over and killing 20 kangaroos

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A 19-year-old man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty on Tuesday for allegedly running over up to 20 kangaroos with his truck in Baga Valley, New South Wales on Sunday.

According to WIRES – Australian Wildlife Rescue, volunteer Janine Green called it “carnage” after nine adult kangaroos and one joey were killed on The Dress Circle; seven kangaroos and one joey were killed on Headland Drive.

“The three young surviving joeys left orphaned will remain in WIRES care for several months.

Nullah, the youngest of the three, is being bottle fed a special formula every 4 hours.

Delilah and Chance, who are about 3 months older than Nullah, are still unsettled. They are both feeding every 6 hours but may take more time to adjust to life without their mothers,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

Greene described the community’s shock after finding the dead kangaroos strewn across several streets – some with broken bones. Two joeys were found on residential lawns. One adult kangaroo with critical injuries had to be euthanized.

Three surviving joeys are now under the care of WIRES.

The suspect has not been identified, however he is reported to be out on bail. If found guilty, he faces a maximum $22,000 fine.

WIRES is grateful to the Bega detectives who worked  on the case as well as concerned and compassionate people who have already donated to help care for the joeys and other animals in need. If you can help the organization to fund food for animals like these joeys, and many more please donate to our Food Fund at


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