Asian elephants trained in the most cruel methods possible

Asian elephants have been hunted, captured and trained for more than 4,000 years. They are rarely bred in captivity since a female elephant is pregnant for 22 months, nurses her baby for two more years, and when raised in captivity, have no fear of humans and can become dangerous when mature.

The youngest elephants are the easiest to train, and when first captured they are lassoed and tied to stakes. Their mothers are often slaughtered with other herd members that had been trying to protect the baby. The youngster is forced into a “crushing cage” made out of wood, and the young elephant, still longing for his mother, is kept in solitary confinement for weeks.

“Wooden sticks are rested against the elephant as part of the ‘training’ process. They can be left like this for hours – if the stick drops the elephant is brutally beaten with it. This ensures the elephant knows and obeys all commands when he is used for giving tourists rides and other human interaction. The psychological impact is catastrophic to the elephant #StandwithSTAE to end this torment,” posted Save the Asian Elephants on their social media page along with a photo of an elephant forced to stand for an indeterminable amount of time.

Pajan which means “breaking the spirits” is the preferred practice of subjecting these young elephants to severe psychological and physical abuse in order to make them subservient to humans. Their training continues with beatings and stabbings to make them afraid of humans. Half of the elephants die during training.

And these are the elephants used in tourism; trained to be used for rides, selfies, bathing, basketball and painting to make money for their owners.

The number of Asian elephants has steadily declined from estimates of a million or more in the late 19th century to  40,000 today. Save The Asian Elephants is a team of conservationists, lawyers and campaigners dedicated to saving the Asian elephant. Please support us by signing our petition

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  1. Larry says:

    If it were in my power, I would exterminate the entire human populations of Africa and Asia, including the subcontinents of Asia (India, Pakistan, etc. and the Middle East. No humans would be allowed on these continents for at least 100 years to allow the wildlife to recover. It seems to be thje only solution to stop the cruelty and poaching to satisfy the wants of a bunch of ignorant people who are so stupid as to believe animal parts are real medication. Anyone with any ideas let me know.


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