Arrested: Man caught on video swinging dog and slamming it to ground

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In Redwood City, California, police  have arrested the man wanted for animal cruelty after he was caught on video swinging a small dog into the air by its leash and then slamming it to the ground.

According to the Redwood City Police Department press release, Michael Fore, 30, of East Palo Alto was arrested on October 30 and taken into custody. Fore tried to evade officers and climbed out onto the balcony of his third floor apartment to the roof when authorities arrived.

Michael Fore was booked into the San Mateo County Jail for felony Animal Cruelty. Detectives located the dog’s owner, who was unaware of the incident. The dog was found to be safe and showed no signs of lasting injury and is doing well.

The Redwood City Police Department would like to thank the public as well as the East Palo Alto Police Department for their assistance in identifying and locating the suspect in this case.

Anyone with additional information regarding the incident is encouraged to contact Detective Sergeant Russ Felker at 650-780-7627.

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(Screenshot via Metro)

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Thank God they caught him and very glad it happened in California, where they have animal control and judges that ENFORCE THE LAW, EVEN IF YOU’RE A WHITE MALE!


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