Approval for beagle breeding facility to be used for experiments pending

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In Spring Green, Wisconsin, a beagle breeding facility is awaiting approval where puppies and dogs will be sold to institutions to be used in experiments.

“It is expected that the animals will go to institutions conducting medical studies for the benefit of humans and animals,” Michael Curran, an attorney for the breeding facility confirmed with Channel3000News.

The Village of Spring Green claim they were not aware that animals were going to bred for medical testing and state they felt blindsided by the owners Jill and Clint Kane. In a statement addressing their request for the permit, the owners wrote:

“We maintain rigorous practices and standards. Our facility and animal welfare practices have been inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture. We were found to be in compliance with all humane standards set forth in the Animal Welfare Act.”

Neighbors and animal advocates have come out against the approval with reasons ranging from noise to ethical concerns.

In a March 2019 undercover investigation, the Humane Society of the United States released a video showing what goes on at laboratories across the United States where dogs were poisoned and killed. According to the report,  an investigator for the HSUS saw dogs killed at the end of studies, and others suffering for months including 36 gentle beagles being tested for a Dow AgroSciences pesticide.

“Dow commissioned this laboratory to force-feed a fungicide to beagles for a year, with some dogs being subjected to very high doses – so high that up to four capsules had to be shoved down their throats.  Those who survive until the designated end date of the study in July will be killed. Dow has publicly acknowledged that this one-year test is scientifically unnecessary. The United States government eliminated this test as a requirement more than 10 years ago and nearly all countries throughout the world have followed suit through efforts that have been led by Humane Society International in cooperation with members of the industry, including Dow.”

After the release of the video, Corteva AgriScience received a huge backlash and then announced the dogs would no longer be test subjects.

The village will consider all aspects before approving or denying the request. The next hearing is scheduled for July 17.

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