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Another dolphin has died at Arizona facility

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The death of another dolphin has been reported at an Arizona facility. The passing of the 11-year-old dolphin, Khloe, was announced by Dolphinaris Arizona on December 31. In a Facebook post, the facility expressed sadness over the loss of the dolphin who had been living at the facility since 2016.

The statement

Christian Schaeffer, General Manager, stated:

“This is an extremely sad day for our team at Dolphinaris Arizona. Prior to her arrival at Dolphinaris, Khloe struggled with chronic illness due to a parasite called Sarcocystis, which can affect mammals, including dolphins. This infection usually causes severe central nervous system and muscle disease, as well as weakens the immune system to other pathogens. Her condition has been managed with exceptional veterinary care for nearly six years as we called on dolphin experts globally to determine treatments that extended her life.”

Care providers for Khloe noticed that she had not been feeling well and took action to help her, but she could not be saved. The facility noted that the death rate from Sarcocystis is “very high.” Khloe’s body will undergo a necropsis – Dolphinaris stated that the results will be shared with the global veterinary community.

The loss of Khloe marks the third dolphin death at Dolphinaris since the facility opened in 2016.

(Image of a dolphin via Pixabay)

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  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I don’t get it they say she had been living there since 2016 but they had been taking care of her for 6 years? Where was she before? RIP Khloe


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