Animal control removes dogs left outside in the bitter cold

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Bitter cold is currently gripping much of the nation and officials have issued warnings about the danger of being outside. In many areas, pet owners are being advised to bring their companions inside because of the extreme cold. Though logic should dictate that this is nothing more than common sense, there are still people who refuse to heed the warnings and do what is right.

On Tuesday, the South Bend Animal Care and Control agency in Indiana took matters into their own hands when an owner failed to adhere to the warning to bring pets inside. The animal welfare agency wrote:

These pups will be nice and toasty tonight since their owners did not heed the warning they were given in writing yesterday.

ANimal control removed dogs

Be a good neighbor

And advised residents to be on the lookout for pets who have been left outside to endure the extreme weather:

Please call us if you see animals kept outdoors during this arctic blast of frigid temps. While our office may be closed, SBACC Officers are still fielding calls as normal. Please call 311 or 235-9303 to report an animal related issue, if it is after hours please leave a message on our emergency line and the on-call ACO will get back to you.

If it is too cold for you to sit outside, it’s too cold for your pet. Igloo and/or wood dog houses do little to prevent dogs from suffering during this cold snap. If you see an animal outside, please reach out to your local animal welfare agency for assistance.

(photos via South Bend Animal Care and Control)

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  1. at my tender age of 78 yrs young. it shocks me how stupid, maybe a wee bit evil to leave animals out in cold or hot weather. I have heard, oh it is only an animal, anyone saying this has No commonsense at all.
    even horses, cattle, etc are supposed to have a shed.

  2. When owners are so selfish to leave their pets outside to suffer in the cold, they’re probably neglecting them in other areas, like food etc. in addition to putting more burdens on animal control due to their unwillingness to be responsible, accountable citizens. Animal reg should charge these people and maybe not return the animals..just sayin’ so tired of irresponsible jerks.

  3. I keep wondering why people get dogs just to leave them outside in pens in the first place. If you can’t provide a warm home for your pet then let someone else adopt it! . Kudos for South Bend Animal Care and Control Agency for addressing this and doing something about it.


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