Animal control officer alleged to have killed woman’s dog without her consent

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In a distressing situation, in Etna Green, Indiana, an animal control officer is alleged to have shot and killed a woman’s dog without her consent or knowledge. The dog’s owner had been at work on Friday when her landlord allowed the animal control officer to take the 14-year-old dog.

A Facebook post from Public Vet described the disturbing action. Her dog, Daisy, had been the owner’s loyal friend for the last 14 years.

This is Daisy, a 14 year old boxer with a very large mammary tumor. Her owner contacted us seeking help. She had no money, no car, and was about to lose her job and her apartment. She knew Daisy was in bad shape and she wanted to do the right thing. She asked us for financial assistance of $49 to take Daisy to the local vet to euthanize her. We were discussing the possibility of operating on Daisy since she was still sweet and happy with a great appetite. The owner was very emotional about it. She said her life was extremely difficult if not impossible at the moment but Daisy had been her one true friend for the last 14 years. “I just want to do right by her and I can’t, It is killing me” She agreed to ask a friend to send us pictures of the tumor and a 2 minute ( video of Daisy for our veterinarians to assess quality of life and suffering… ” After this we would decide how to help her.”

On Friday, the woman left for work and left Daisy chained in her garage resting on a blanket. That’s when animal control entered her garage and took the dog. When the woman came home, Daisy was  gone, and when she asked her landlord where her dog was, the landlord told her what happened.

Daisy’s owner rushed to the shelter where her dog should have been brought, but there was no record of her having been there. That’s when she learned the animal control officer, Jerry Clause, had allegedly taken her dog and made the arbitrary decision to shoot and kill Daisy, and then disposed of the dog’s body at the county landfill.

The dog’s owner never had a chance to even say goodbye.

Public VetThe owner requested Daisy’s body be returned to her so she could bury her and the sheriff refused to give her back or even tell her where poor Daisy’s body is dumped. Again, this is not how we behave as a society.”

And as if the situation couldn’t get anymore heartbreaking, Daisy had been everything to this woman after losing her 14-year-old son in 2014 when a tree fell on their home in Winona Lake during a storm.

County commissioners are investigating the Kosciusko County Animal Control. Clause has been an animal control officer for 23 years.

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2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I am in California and manage residential real estate. I would be liable if I allowed Animal Control to enter a residence without a proper warrant. In all the years I have managed properties, we have NEVER had a situation like this. It’s absolutely disgusting and outrageous…… this woman needs a good lawyer to sue the landlord AND the animal control AND that pathetic excuse of an ACO……

    This ACO is Pure Evil (he has a terrible attitude and history of murdering animals)……. I think this POS is absolutely headed to a reserved spot in Hell where he will burn forever for his cruelty…….

    Precious treasures (Daisy and the many other dogs and cats he has killed over the years), your lives mattered and you certainly did NOT deserve to be murdered……. I truly hope that you get justice for your murders. I know all of you are in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and he will welcome you to his wonderful snuggle buddies group. You can RIP amongst loving friends…….

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    If this had been my dog, there would be SO MANY LAWSUITS I WOULD END UP OWNING THE BUILDING! But there would be NO AMOUNT OF MONEY that would be ENOUGH!


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